Combining the two best tea cultures together

Our owner, Chris, being a local Taiwanese and strongly influenced by the Japanese culture throughout his upbringing, is inspired to bring the two best tea cultures in the world together for local Torontonians.

Matcha is on a mission to bring the flavor of tea to Torontonians – At Matcha, we often ask ourselves, how can we best present the unique character of tea to our customers. You can appreciate the natural sweetness and silkiness of Matcha through our Cheese foam matcha, and our signature matcha chiffon cake; or you can enjoy the bittersweet aftertaste of tea through our fresh brewed Taiwanese tea series.

Aside of Matcha, we also offer the best teas from Taiwan, from the legendary high mountain Oolong tea that comes with fresh floral fragrance and smooth sweet flavor, to the roasty, delicate alisan red tea, we have them all.


Tea is part of the social fabric and live essentials in both Taiwan and Japan. With more than 800 years of immersion in tea culture combined, it is fair to say that Taiwanese and Japanese know how to grow their tea.

Japanese series, infused with Matcha from Kakegawa

Matcha, is a powder form of ground whole tea leaves, because you ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water, the health benefits and integrity of matcha can’t be matched by regular green tea.

All of our matcha beverages are made with matcha powder from Kakegawa, Uji region, which is known to be one of the top region producing tea products. The establishment Maruyama has over 80 years of passion span over 4 generations in making the finest product in Japan.

The beautiful, electric green color of our matcha is a testament to its excellent quality. It is earthy, full-bodied flavor, with a creamy texture, coupled with natural sweetness. Like wines, our matcha drinks has a delicate aftertaste that lingers after consumed -- subtle and delicious.


At “Matcha”, we believe that the essence of matcha cannot only be appreciated alone but also enhances the flavor of our desserts. All the dessert and food served at “Matcha” are infused with the top grade matcha flavor to create a whole new experience.

Our desserts are made with classical thin tea (known as usucha) which named after the Ise Shrine’s river called Isuzu, also known as fifty bells. It has a much bolder and decisive character with a bit of tartness from the tea leaves.

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